parade-fest 2018

festival in three acts about Kharkiv that you've never seen

PARADE -is a multicultural fest, built on the idea of rethinking and forming the street cred of Kharkiv through arts.

ART-DOT - a team of incredible optimists that deals with social and educational projects.

bring art
to the masses
deduce it
on the streets




Joint project of the Kharkov theaters "Beautiful Flowers" and "Oil". Anton and Natasha lived an ordinary life, until she was overtaken by existential experiences, and he - the everlasting question of the existence sense. The play tells about the adventures of a married couple in the key of humor, satire, banter and philosophizing. And, of course, the answer to the question "what is the meaning of life" is not so simple. Anton and Natasha have to reel the miles on a bicycle, to learn incredible wisdom and to face a feeling of despair. All as in life. A performance show, a pseudo-philosophical humorous comics that, according to the director Artem Vusik, is an effective guide to understanding the meaning of life.

Igor Klyuchnik ("Beautiful Flowers")
Dmitry Tretiak ("Urbanistan")
Armen Kaloyan (Kharkiv Academic Opera and Ballet Theater)
Oleg Kadanov ("Orkestr Che")
Scriptwriter and director: Artem Vusik
Choreography: Nina Khizhnaya
Costume Designer: Polina Karpova
Lighting Designer: Vladimir Minakov
Chief Illuminator: Alexander Chizh
Music \ Sound Design: DIAKOVA, THE AND
Puppets: Olga Turutya-Prasolova
Motion design: Gleb Kovalev


Performance from the Kharkov A. Pushkin Theater. The play, written in an absurd manner, is both ridiculous and tragic. A gymnastic goat is a sports apparatus that you can either love or hate. There are quite simply no indifferent to him - remember yourself in school during physical education classes. It turns out that if we raise this subject to an excellent degree and bring the situation to the point of absurdity, as a result we will receive an absolutely accurate model of human society. Are you ready for an honest conversation?

M. Avksentyev
A. Krivosheev
A. Vaneev
M. Borakovskaya
L. Cohan
F. Bahmutchenko
V. Moskalets
O. Makoveychuk
Production and musical design: A. Seredin
Scenography: E. Kolesnichenko
Lighting designer: R. Babaev


The project is the winner of the Taking The Stage competition from the British Rada in Ukraine, a dark cabaret with a mark of 18+. Over performance worked representatives of art from different Ukraine cities: Lviv, Kharkiv and Kiev. In the play there is a clash of pathological lust for life and cyclical planning of life, which has no end. Women arranged a bachelorette party, which turned into a bipolar ballet, psychogenic show, arena of incendiary dances ... And on this "holiday of life" the pain becomes experimental: the one that frees, and - from which one wants to live. The whole spectacle becomes a large-scale philosophical study, during which it is necessary to make a choice: to stay sick or be free from insanity at the cost of one's own existence.

Text writer - Sarah Kane
Director - Rosa Sargsyan
Artist - Diana Walkers
Composer - Alexandra Malackovskaya
Actresses - Nina Khizhnaya, Oksana Cherkashina, Alexandra Malatskovskaya
Curator - Nastya Jumla
Artistic director of the theater "Aktor" - Slava Zhila


Performance of the Lviv Theater named after Lesya Ukrainka with the note 16+. It takes the audience into the forest, where the action takes place among the animals. But nothing human is foreign to them: domination and exploitation, anarchism, sexual subcultures, quasi-religious beliefs, numerous fears. Fear of love, fear of cognition, fear of difference, fear of acceptance. But in the performance day fear will be overcome by laughter: spectators can not sit with a stony face, watching what is happening on the stage. Therefore, the genre is appropriate - a comedy about political manipulation and speculation on religious feelings.

Translation: Oksana Danchuk
Direction, scenography: Igor Bilic
Costumes: Elena Kurdyukova
Choreography and plastics: Ninel Zberia
Light: Andrei Tchaikovsky
Music: Yuri Smirnov
Mouse: Bogdan Gritsuk
Kotik: Roman Krivdyk
Chanterelle: Anastasia Lisovskaya
Squirrel: Rita Gurkach
Bunny: Anna Epatko
Bear: Dmitry Naumets
Tiger cub: Ivan Dovgalyuk
Hedgehog: Andrey Kravchuk
Crane. Vladimir Panteleev


The performance of the Kiev "Wild Theater". Perhaps, one of the most tough and vital of the whole repertoire of "Wild": against the backdrop of the small persons life, fateful events take place in a large country. And this person is Vitalik, be familiar. Macho, pumped up, self-assured, businesslike, serious. And get acquainted with someone else: a forty-year-old "guy" from Mariupol who lives in rented apartments in Kiev, works as a journalist, seeks the meaning of life, care, love, inspiration ... This is also Vitalik. There are a number of evidence for viewing the play to apply: to be over 18, to accept and respect foul language, not to be afraid of frank scenes.

Director: Maxim Golenko
Text: Vitaliy Chensky
Artist: Olesya Golovach
Video artist: Alena Ovramenko
Design: Elena Nikulina
Sound: Alexander Morozov
Light, technical director: Ruslan Berezovoi
Assistant for actors: Love Skirko
Producer: Yaroslav Kravchenko
Cast: Alexei Dorichevsky and Andrei Kronlevsky


THe performance of the Kharkov puppet theater named after Afanasyev. This grandiose encounter of almost children's inspirations of youthful romanticism. Two absolutely polar worlds are opposed to each other: Sasha Dvanov and Stepan Konpencin. The nature of a noble truth-seeker against the character of an indefatigable fighter who will fight for the idea before self-denial, and not passively seek it out. Exclusively puppets tell us this story. Different - big and small, old and young, but always very fragile and lonely, doomed to the inability to independently change either themselves or the world around them. They create the illusion of world loneliness and doom for defeat in search of happiness as best as possible.

Art director: Oksana Dmitrieva
Artist: Natalia Denisova
Composer: Oleg Kadanov
Vyacheslav Gindin
Gennady Gurinenko
Alexander Koval
Alexander Markin
Olga Mokhlenko
Olga Koval
Artem Vusik



Lecturer Nadezhda Sokolenko is a theater expert, theater project manager, co-organizer of the CO Theater Platform, coordinator of Ukrainian projects Yara Arts Group, ex-editor of the magazine "Ukrainian Theater". Let's talk about how art and culture become available to people with different needs. We will conduct a discussion on interesting and iconic inclusive theatrical projects and programs in the world. Let's try to find the answer to the question: what is the birth process of a new aesthetic language in contemporary creative projects? plants and in the houses of culture in it. After a hundred years, we have an opportunity to understand how revolutionary Soviet creativity and the ideas of love, gender and equality influenced modern social processes. The performance organizers experiment with theatrical forms: they offer the audience to plunge into the color of time, take a direct part, and (possibly) "go ashore" with a new look at the post-Soviet heritage and its impact on modern wedding trends.


Yaroslava Matviychuk - pedagogue, psychology, art therapy, loving wife and mother. Anna Dikhanova is an actress, TV and radio presenter, organizer and coordinator of children's entertainment programs. The usual description of the curator, who deals with art therapy: she gives lectures, consults on issues of child-parent relations, develops pedagogical ethics and personal approach to education, creates good and a lot around herself. Come to the lecture to listen to the wonderful curators about their experience in working with art therapy.


Lecturer Yaroslav Kravchenko - founder and producer of the "Wild Theater", co-founder of "Scene 6" and the Guild of Independent Theaters. "Wild Theater" is one of the most popular independent theaters in Ukraine. Frankly, it strikes with its productivity: for three months of this year, three premieres took place, another nine are planned - until the end of 2018 (one per month). At the same time, the repertoire of the theater reveals topical acute social themes, and the main vector of "Wild's" searching is an immersive and radical theater. How to keep track of such a dynamic rhythm and maintain the interest of the audience - let's talk at a lecture with Yaroslav Kravchenko.


Rosa Sargsyan is the main director of the First Ukrainian Theater for Children and Youth (Lviv). In the past, Roza is the founder of the Kharkov project theater "DeFacto", a curator, participant of international director dramatic laboratories and schools. In her work she is looking for new forms through the synthesis of theatrical play practices, post-documentary theater, music and performance. On the round table "Post-Memory and Self-Censorship in Art: Focus of the Theater", together with Rosa, Oksana Cherkashina and Nina Khizhna will take part in the discussion. Moderator - Anastasia Gaishenets. During the discussion, we will discuss how the theater works with social stereotypes inherited from Soviet society; We will analyze what is political theater and political gesture in art; we are discussing the liberating potential of art and how democratic art differs from authoritarian art. Finally, let's talk about whether the creator should be responsible for his statements in theatrical space.


Olga Ladia-Shcherbakova - co-founder of the NGO "The Line of the Concord" (Kharkov), coordinator of projects on social and psychological support and social inclusion of HPE, ATU participants and their families; coordinator of communicative projects for the development of culture. At the lecture "The Theater as an Instrument of Open Communication and Social Reintegration in the Conditions of Conflict" Olga will describe how in the context of conflict and post-conflict period the theater creates an interactive space, and also promotes social inclusion, psychological support and reduction of tension.


Victoria Solovyuk - PR-manager of the Lesya Theater, theatrical, journalist, poetess, organizer of poetically performative evenings "Read!". Why is Lesya's theater a vivid example of PR strategy in the field of culture? Why do you need corporate style in the company? How to develop a PR campaign with a minimum budget, which will work? Who is the target audience and why you need to know what its representatives do on the weekends and what kind of coffee they drink? What is the "trend votching", "trend sitera", and why today the existence of advertising can not be imagined without these elements? What does "publicity" mean and what place does it take in shaping the company's image and popularizing it? All of this is learned at the lecture "New media -the dialogue tool with the audience".


Yaroslav Matveychuk is an experienced pedagogue, psychologist, art therapist, the wife and mother. The lecturer of the school of marketing and communications "BAGAGE" and the teacher of the school of actor's skill "Testo Kids". Education: MGUE named after Fedorov, specialty - "Advertising", Witte University, specialty - "Teacher-psychologist". Yasya lectures, advises on issues of child-parent relations, develops pedagogical ethics and personal approach to education. Dima Tretyak is an actor, leader of the band Urbanistan, a man-orchestra, beatboxer, freestyler, singer, musician, teacher of the school of acting skill "TESTO" and "TESTO Kids". Education: Kotlyarevsky KhNUI. In the past, he was an actor of the "Playitback" theater, a member of the Ukrainian-Polish project of the "Arabesque" Theater. At the lecture, Yasya and Dima will talk about blogging and storytelling as tools for socializing and living traumatic experiences, about video diaries, secrets and parodies as a ways of eco-friendly expression of aggression, as well as about computer games in developing communication skills, ways of using them and choosing for children with post-traumatic stress disorder and social maladjustment.


Victoria Mironyuk - curator, performer, idea's author, director, rituals researcher, their structures, boundaries and potentials in interdisciplinary projects on the border of performative, participatory practices and visual art. Educational baggage: the course of the theory of culture in the Kyiv-Mohylanskoi Academy, the master's program on contemporary scenic practices and visual culture in Madrid (MPECV), the postgraduate program on performative research and scenography in Brussels (A.PASS). The theme of the lecture is "The performative practices of understanding historical trauma". Together with Victoria we explore the nature of the historical trauma, collective memory and the concept of post-memory, we will discuss the strategies for the work of performers and artists on this topic, and also consider examples from creativity (Milo Rau, Ana Mendieta, etc.), contextualize the methodology of the "Red wedding" and we are discussing whether art, in particular, performative, can treat collective wounds.


Lena Migashko is a theater expert, editor and god fairy of the online edition "Ukrainian Theater 2.0". In the past - the editor of the printed version of "UT", the author of, Cultprostir, The topic of Elena's lecture is "The usage of urban space in a site-specific theater." We will dig into the phenomenon of site-specific art: we will plunge into history, trace parallels between site-specific theater and immersive theater, consider foreign representatives and understand what happens to this art in Ukraine.


Moderator - Anastasia Gaishenets, manager of the Theater Laboratory of the Mystetsky Arsenal "The Second floor", co-editor of the online edition "Ukrainian Theater 2.0.", In the past - editor-in-chief of the magazine "Ukrainian Theater"; theatrical columnist of LB publications, Cultprostir, "Ukrainska pravda", Culture and other publications. "THE MEETING POINT" is the format of discussions with the actors after each performance of the showcase, whose goal is to reveal the dialogue and formation of the professional's worldview and interested public, and also to open the curtain of understanding of the world theatrical context.



Urban-program is built on the idea of rethinking the urban space and analysis of its application by citizens. And the best tool for this is an appeal to the historical heritage and its possible reassessment. Kharkiv is closely connected with the post-Soviet influence, therefore the Parade-fest organizers sought to attract creative initiatives that are similarly interested in studying the influence of the scoop on the culture of postmodern (or, metamodern,if this concept is closer to you). In the participant's performance "Red wedding", spectators are given the opportunity not only to assess the situation, but also to take an active part and, thus, to immerse themselves in the Soviet atmosphere of the early times. The October Revolution created the aesthetics of the red rituals, which penetrated into different spheres of life: religion, art and holidays. First of all, weddings. In the format of the game, viewers will be able to explore the ideas and aesthetics of early Soviet marriages, for which the vanguard concepts of the community, the emancipation of women and equality served as inspiration. And in all this, Kharkov takes an important role, because a little less than a century ago in this city, red weddings reached their peak. They were played in the territories of factories and in the houses of culture with them. After a hundred years, we have an opportunity to understand how revolutionary Soviet creativity and the ideas of love, gender and equality influenced modern social processes. The organizers of the performance experiment with theatrical forms: they offer the audience to plunge into the color of time, take a direct part, and (possibly) "go ashore" with a new look at the post-Soviet heritage and its impact on modern wedding trends.

Duration: 60-80 minutes
Idea / direction / drama: Victoria Mironyuk
Scenery: Theresa Yakovina
Historical research: Victoria Mironyuk, Nikita Kozlov
Perfomery: Dasha Palagniuk, Nikita Kozlov


This is a virtual manifesto of "random" people on Independence Day of Ukraine on August 24, 2017. 8-hour documentary installation, which includes Internet broadcasts from social networks: Facebook, Periscope and Instagram. From the usual tool for shooting, the camera turns into a tool of confession and communication, and for some - a new kind of entertainment. The viewer of the installation, becomes a part of it in a certain period of time, plunges into the microcosm of Ukrainians, who became part of the project in one day, but in different territories - from Lviv to Kharkov, from the south and to the north. Participants in the 8-hour video interpret the understanding of independence in different ways: political, gender, economic, cultural and many other categories (and for some - their personal, individual sample). Absolutely different citizens of Ukraine: in age, professional sphere, on political and religious beliefs, become one and create a massive manifesto, which is an important socio-cultural unit against the background of economic and political processes in modern Ukraine. Because #Independenceday, this action on Independence Day 2017, will become an urgent social initiative after almost a year in the framework of Parade-fest. Viewers will feel not only as observers, but also as part of a monologue about the fate of the country, love, resistance, acceptance, faith, freedom ... The project raises the question of coexistence within the virtual space and in the days of new media and demonstrates a wide range of topics that go far beyond civil identification.

Yuriy Yudin,
Galina Lavrynets,
Victoria Mironyuk,
Anastasia Krasnozhon,
Konstantin Solodukhin,
Teresa Yakovina.


Share the books in the city space! Residents and visitors of the city participated in the exchange of good and interesting books. No scrap paper - just fine reading in a hard or soft cover. Generosity, kindness and dignity - love of literature can really save lives and support the beating of the heart of a living being who has been in trouble and saved by a team of volunteers. The money collected in a box will go to support the organization "Poryatunok tvarin Kharkiv."


Staying at the street is time lived "in between", something secondary. To be on the street it's when - from home to work, from work home, from university to a shop, from friends to relatives, etc. Each time the street acts as an intermediate link between the key places. We notice that it is important, and the street pretends to be "between deeds". But it is there, in the common space, that confounds, collides, argues, unites everything that feel like calling a variety of life. A photographer is a special kind of person "an attentive person", and a street photographer is a double-minded person. To notice, it is necessary to perceive the street not as a place, living "along the way", but as a key place for observation, unconditional "here and now". To note, to capture, to open Kharkiv.

Participants of the exhibition:
Ekaterina Abramova
Olga Alipova
Tatyana Afanasyeva
Alla Brykova
Maria Varlygina
Elena Dviglavova
Sergey Dimitrov
Elizabeth Zhivotchenko
Julia Ivanchikhina
Egor Kuban
Snezana Kuban
Lesya Kononenko
Victoria Licholette
Svyatoslav Plekhanov
Tatyana Rystenko
Marina Black
Marina Shtanko


"I live and see" - this is the same name for the work of nonconformist artist Eric Bulatov and poet Vsevolod Nekrasov. Vsevolod Nekrasov is a representative of the Lianozovo poetic group, which prepared the ground for the emergence of most trends in modern poetry. It will be possible to hear poems from poets of that era, and also to get acquainted with such Kharkiv poets as Viktor Shepelev, Nina Vinogradova, Vladimir Starikov, Kirill Novikov, Alexander Kocharyan, Dmitry Dediulin, Ilya Risenberg, Al Pantelatet, Sandra Most, etc. You can listen to how the texts of the city sound - about its inhabitants, houses, facades, arches. Texts about how everyday things for us become artifacts and acquire a new reality depending on the epoch and the context of the material.


City-man-poetry or city-poetry-man? Come to listen to the words and meanings lined up with various ranks. From us - 11 poets and eachone has his parade of poems. A great opportunity to feel comfortable as at home and cozy in our big city, in its very center - on the Poetry Square.

Maria Stepaniuc
Denise Glezin
Sasha Kosh
Alisa Volkova
Sergey Naumenko
Yulia Maximeyko
Natalya Marinchak
Anna Kiseleva
Maria Golubka
Ed Popov
Nina Hedgehog and Yaraya Mila


Finaribba and Parade-fest call everyone to walk around the city, armed with cameras!Ten tasks are all about our city and its small stories, which are worth to be unraveled and captured in a new way.Teams are from 2 to 5 people. And also, city spaces of Kharkiv.Discover the city in a new way, erase blind areas, concentrate on urban beauty - this is all the photo-quest from Finaribba and Parade-fest.