Art will inevitably win


On May 23-25, in Kharkiv, on the initiative of creative associations, professional theaters and musicians of the city, a theatrical-urban festival Parade-fest will take place. Three May days will be the preparatory stage for the weekly festival in September. The theme of this year is “Violence and Utopia”. We will talk about creating utopias as the basis for manipulating public opinion, family violence, bullying, aggressive space for “others” – people with disabilities, representatives of different nationalities, religion. In addition, the Parade-fest festival traditionally talks about the “right to the city”, the right to live in it and change it.

Traditionally, the structure of the festival consists of educational, theatrical and urban programs. Educational will include lectures, discussions, workshops. Theatrical – The play “The dying” of the theater “Publicist” and the performance “The Art of Democracy. The art of love “. The first one covers the topic of violence in the family, the second explores the “I,” I, each of them, in its context in society, and decision-making. The project will live with well-known music groups Mantra Kerouac, Camera Observation and HOSPP.

Urban program is dedicated all day long. “Parade in the garage” is an event where anyone can make a silk-based imprint on their clothing from the sketch of Kharkiv from artists from the Urban Sketchers community. And it will complete a pre-festival performance by the Urbanistan group at GarageHab – a social platform for makers and activists that is open to everyone.


May 23rd, Thursday
Hudprom (15th Art Street)

  • 17:00 Meeting with Frederic Poty, producer of the French doll theater theme of the conversation:
    “Social responsibility and new types of communions in art”
  • 19:00 Play “The Dying One” Theater Publicist
    After speaking, talking about violence in the family with the participation of psychologists and human rights activists
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May 24th, Friday
Palace of Students of KhPI (Pushkinskaya St. 79/1)

  • 19:00 Site-specific performance “The Art of Democracy: The Art of Love” Register: (please post a friend’s post)

May 25, Saturday
Garage Hub (Gagarin Avenue 41/2)

  • 16:00 Lecture “The City and Its Utopia” (Urban Researcher Yarok Yakovlev)
  • 18:00 a party in the format of Print & talk (you will be able to make your own print on the city with your silk screening, and sketches from Urban Sketchers Kharkiv)
  • 20:00 a presentation by the Urbanistan group