About Us

Babylonian ruckus of propaganda in media, arguments in the streets and noise of promises and high expectations. There is too much of almost religious faith that this another guy will really fix everything. We only need to make the right choice.

Our hearts don’t call for changes.

We don’t want to choose life.

We want to create it, even if it will only be one small step of one person at a time. Because combination of our efforts can become a huge leap for the whole society, city, country; a movement away from the abyss of violence, ghosts of the past, forced joy of promised utopia.

We are not waiting for changes. We are waiting for you, the one who has the right to the city, the right to live in it and change it for the better. The one who knows that art is an effective tool of transformation, that awareness is better than deconstruction, and that form has to unite with function.

This year #ParadeFest is building an open platform, a joint action generator for all people who care, researchers, seekers and creators. Theater, free education, cultural raves, activists, artists and speakers from Ukraine, the UK, Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia; meetings, performances and a wild drive of impressions will be there for you during 6 days.


Maria Kakurina

Project coordinator

Veronika Skliarova

Program director

Ivan Korolov


Jay Bernadotte

Brand strategist

    Olena Pyzhova


    Svitlana Bazhenova

    Finance manager

    Alina Khanbabaieva

    Urban program curator

    Olga Vasina

    Content manager

    Julia Artemieva

    Production manager

    Anton Begmenko

    Technical director

    Halyna Nikitina


    Maria Stepanyuk

    Educational program curator

    Serhii Tatarko

    Stage manager

    Sofia Fedorovskaya

    Volunteers Coordinator

    Anastasia Abashina